Gift & Specialty Shops


Factory Outlets

Visiting Bandung will never be the same without shopping in the famous Bandung Factory Outlet (FO). Factory outlets sell clothes for all ages: men, women and children in one store. Most of the factory outlets are scattered in Dago (Ir. H. Djuanda) street and Riau (L.L.R.E. Martadinata) street until Aceh street. Although these streets are adjacent, it is still a big area for you to wander around. You can also find Bandung FO in upper Sukajadi street until Setiabudhi street. More fashionable people like to go to Rumah Mode in Setiabudhi street. Nowadays, there are many factory outlets opened nearby.
Setiabudhi street is the main road to go to Lembang, or going down the street you will enter Cihampelas street. Cihampelas is famous for its jeans stores. You can find many things made of jeans here.


Souvenir Shops

Sin Sin. The location of this shop is at the first Bandung shopping arcade, Braga street. Sin Sin has been in souvenir business for a long time. It is always well known for selling high quality souvenirs. There are many kinds of souvenirs here: wooden statue, wooden carved name plate, paintings, silver products, wayang (Indonesian puppet), angklung, etc. Alternatively, there is a seller on the pedestrian walk in Braga street who also sells Sundanese souvenirs, but of course with lower quality.
Cupumanik at H. Akbar street, across Bandung railway station. The location is convenient if you come by train. It sells wayang golek (Sundanese puppet) among other souvenirs.
Souvenir Shop 39, Souvenir Shop 39 is one of the oldest gift shops in Bandung and sells a treasure trove of uniquely Indonesian gifts and novelties. The location is on the right side of Cihampelas street, after the crowded jeans factory outlets, near the Pasupati flyover.


Pasar Baru Trade Center

Add flavor to your Bandung shopping experience by visiting Pasar Baru Bandung. Pasar Baru is a trade centre where we can find lots of things such as various types of fabrics, modern party dresses, traditional beautiful kebaya. clothes for baby, children, men and ladies: casual and moslem clothes, bags, shoes, ladies accessories, bed sheets, wedding accesories, both for traditional Sundanese and European bride and groom, and souvenirs from Mecca. The quality of the goods vary, but, if you have good eyes you can find high quality goods there.
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Industri Sepatu Cibaduyut

Shop at the famous shoe shopping in Bandung City, Cibaduyut Region. This area is already developed and is known for a long time. Not only in Bandung, the area is also well known to the outside of the city. Some employers even had time to get orders from abroad. This illustrates the quality of shoes Cibaduyut equivalent products of other nations. In addition to footwear products, Cibaduyut Region is also famous for leather products, such as jackets, bags, belts, and other types of accessories.
Shoes made Cibaduyut actually been widely used in various circles. Only, if you wear the label “Made in Cibaduyut”, hardly a lot of takers. Consumers prefer shoes with foreign brands that sound more trendy and up to date. In fact, the shoes with the famous brand in reality, many are made here.